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Golden Chef Food Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Description

  • In former rural society, rich people often eat tiger bone gelatin or home-made chicken soup to supplement the gelatin and protein of high quality. Because of poor technique of preservation, they normally eat all the chicken soup in a short time to prevent them from decaying. The consequence is that their bodies are unable to fully digest and absorb all the nutrition in such a short time; they actually waste those soup. The ideal way is taking smaller amount yet more times to achieve the better nutrition absorption and better adjustment by the body.
  • Golden Chef Chicken Essence was produced according to Chinese traditional way but utilizing our high-tech preservation of freshness. The product was dispensed by automation into a small anti-bacteria and food-safe package. This enable us to provide our customers a tasty chicken essence capable to be kept for two years under the room temperature. Golden Chef has been always endeavouring for our customer to get better healthy, more energetic, and cost effective.

Our Consumer

  1. Students/Office workers: To enhance physical strength and get better spirit.
  2. Children/Seniors: To nourish the body, stimulate the appetite and maintain the health.
  3. Women of pregnancy or post-delivery: For prenatal or postnatal nourishing.
  4. General patients: For faster recovery from the sickness.