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Golden Chef Food Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Special Notice:

  1. Golden Chef mails the package through EMS EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE for our customers. This is a pure service, we don't add any additional penny on the official postage. Therefore, if there is any unexpected happening at the customs (for example: imposed taxes, confiscated or destroyed goods, and so on), you should take on all those risks.
  2. Any package returned to Taiwan due to the undeliverable/incorrect receiving address or no phone answer, you are responsible to pay the postage to re-send the package. However, instead of re-sending, if you request the refund, we can refund you only the portion you paid for our chicken essence. No postage will be refunded because the post office never refund the postage for those returned package. 

Order procedures:

  1. Enter the International section of our website to order the needed item.
  2. Select only one item for each order. DO NOT combine with other items; otherwise the order will be canceled.
  3. Put the selected item in your cart.
  4. Your order will be accepted no matter you are a member or just a guest.

Billing information and checkout:

  1. Fill out the billing address.
  2. Fill out the recipient information. After selecting the country of destination, use English or acceptable languages of destination country to fill out all the needed information.
  3. Complete the recipient information and then select “EMS EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE”.
  4. For payment method, only the online credit card payment is available. Otherwise the order will be canceled. However, if you do need to pay by other method, please call or email us to get a workaround.
  5. Verify your order and proceed to pay through our online credit card system.
  6. Upon the completion of payment, our system will automatically send out an email to you. If you do not receive our confirmation email, please check to see if your mailbox setting is blocking our email. If so, please send an email to “gcservice@goldenchef.com.tw” to obtain our confirmation of your order.
*** Go immediately to “International" to buy the delicious and nutritious Chicken Essence !! ***


  1. According to the different destination, please refer to the following shipping fee and delivery days:(Note: The estimated delivery days refer to the working days reaching to the postal office of destination country, which does not include the customs clearance time.)
    Estimated delivery days:
    (1) For 6 boxes:
    • USA: about 10~15 days.
    • Australia: about 7~10 days.
    • Japan: about 3~7 days.
    • Hong Kong, Macau: about 3~7 days.
    (2) For 12 boxes:
    • USA: about 10~15 days.
    • Australia:about 7~10 days.
    • Japan: about 3~7 days.
    • Hong Kong, Macau: about 3~7 days.
  2. Golden Chef will mail out the merchandise via "EMS EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE" within three working days after the order has been received and paid. The tracking number will be emailed to the purchaser to trace the shipping status.
  3. No returns or exchanges!! Please make any corrections if any before you place the final order!!
  4. In case of out of stock or unpredictable factors, we will contact you about the production situation as well as shipping arrangement.
  5. If you did not receive the item after you have finished the order for about 20 days, please contact us.
  6. If the destination country is not on the above list, please enquire us at “service@goldenchef.com.tw”. We will reply you on the availability of that destination country as well as the shipping information.
  7. The invoice will be mailed together with the package. Otherwise please choose “ Donate Genesis Social Welfare Foundation”.
  8. For those international orders, if you did not purchase from our web page of “International Orders” your order will be cancelled and we will not claim the payment.

Product specifications:

  1. For 6 boxes(10 small pouches / box): each case contains 6 boxes of chicken essence with a sheet of directions of usage and a handbag.
    Box dimension: 29 x 24 x17 cm (L x W x H), about 4.5 kg.
  2. For 12 boxes(10 small pouches / box): each case contains 12 boxes of chicken essence with a sheet of directions of usage and three handbags.
    Box dimension: 30 x 28.5 x 28 cm (L x W x H), about 9 kg.

  • Domestic order by phone: (04)2371-9750 by fax: (04)2371-9756
  • International order by phone: +886-4-23719750 by fax: +886-4-23719756
  • Order on website: www.goldenchef.com.tw
    We reserve the right of acceptance of online orders
  • Customer Service: service@goldenchef.com.tw
  • Address: No. 248 Gongguan Rd., West District, Taichung City 403006, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Hours: Monday~Saturday ;09:00 ~18:00, Closed on Sundays & Holidays