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Question 1. What kind of chicken was selected to produce Golden Chef Chicken Essence?

Answer: Golden Chef Chicken Essence chose naturally grown chickens. Because the farming time of chicken is long enough, it is unnecessary to use growth hormones.Furthermore, thanks to the solidity of the meat, the quality of chicken essence is excellent in addition to the higher productivity.

Generally speaking, a broiler chicken is bred up for about thirty more days and the product from it contains mostly fat; that means the quality is very poor. Therefore this kind of chicken is not suitable for chicken essence production.


Question 2. What are the similarities and differences between Golden Chef Chicken Essence and Traditional Refined Chicken Essence?

Answer: The Traditional Refined Chicken Essence contains too much fat and is also not sterilized, hence the bacteria are constantly growing after it has been made; so it is not capable to be kept too long though it is refrigerated. Furthermore because the plenty of fat and the growing bacteria, people often appear gastrointestinal discomfort issues after the use of those Traditional Refined Chicken Essence.

Golden Chef Chicken Essence is produced following the Chinese traditional way but removing almost all the fat and utilizing the modern technology for sterilization. We have completely solved the issues of Traditional Refined Chicken Essence.


Question 3. Why can Golden Chef Chicken Essence be stored at room temperature?

Answer: Golden Chef Chicken Essence is a PURE chicken essence, completely in a sealed package and thoroughly sterilized by high temperature & pressure, which assure that the product can be stored at room temperature for two years.


Question 4. What is the main feature of Golden Chef Chicken Essence ?

Answer:  The main feature of Golden Chef Chicken Essence is that it can be stored in room temperature for two years. It basically follows the traditional manufacturing methods and utilizes our high-tech preservation of freshness to completely preserve the nutrition and freshness of the product. When it is stored in the refrigerator, it forms a pudding-like jelly shape.


Question 5. Why did Golden Chef Chicken Essence not smell ?

Answer: Golden Chef Chicken Essence is of a traditional approach, coupled with the unique packaging and sterilization techniques; so it can be kept in fresh and delicious state.


Question 6. Will people become fatter after taking Golden Chef Chicken Essence?

Answer: No, because almost all the fat has been removed from Golden Chef Chicken Essence. Each pack of chicken essence contains equivalently less than one tenth calories of a bowl of rice. On the other hand, it contains a lot of essential amino acids. Golden Chef Chicken Essence is really an excellent health supplement.


Question 7. Who will  benefit by Golden Chef Chicken Essence?

Answer: Golden Chef Chicken Essence is a nutritious health supplement; its main nutrients consist of amino acids and gelatin of small molecules. This health supplement can help people quickly recuperate. Therefore, Golden Chef Chicken Essence should be the best gift for the patients; meanwhile it is also a pretty good health complement for pregnant women, postnatal mothers, elderlies, children, athletes, students and office workers.


Question 8. What are our recommendation or warning when you drink Golden Chef Chicken essence?

Answer: For those people suffering gout, hypertension and severe kidney disease, please consult your physician before eating. Children under two years of age is also not recommended to use this product because their kidneys has not fully developed.


Question 9. Oily and scummy?

Answer: A little bit scum on the surface of the liquid is of normal phenomenon.

In order to preserve those precious nutrients, Golden Chef adopts coarse filtration with stainless steel mesh. By this treatment, the product still contains a few tiny amount of fat and a little bit scraps of chicken scum. Those scummy scraps are processed together with chicken essence under high temperature and pressure; those ingredients are very safe and nutritious.


Question 10. What time of day is recommended to eat?

Answer: The better time is in the morning when the stomach is empty. Some people can not sleep well after eating in the evening because the product makes them energetic. 


Question 11. What is the suggested usage?

Answer: Put the unopened pack into hot water, warm it about one minute then open the pack and enjoy it.


Question 12. Are there inspection reports on the nutrition facts ?

Answer: Yes, the eight main ingredients of nutrition has been labeled on the package according to the requirement by law. Other relevant inspection report has been announced on our website.


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About Golden Chef Chicken Essence

(Chinese style chicken essence, commonly known as Refining Chicken Dan)


★ ★ ★ ★ Product Description★ ★ ★ ★ 
In former rural society, rich people often eat tiger bone gelatin or home-made chicken soup to supplement the gelatin and protein of high quality. Because of
poor technique of preservation, they normally eat all the chicken soup in a short time to prevent them from decaying. The consequence is that their bodies are unable to fully digest and absorb all the nutrition in such a short time; they actually waste those soup. The ideal way is taking smaller amount yet more times to achieve the better nutrition absorption and better adjustment by the body.


Golden Chef Chicken Essence was produced according to Chinese traditional way but utilizing our high-tech preservation of freshness. The product was dispensed by automation into a small anti-bacteria and food-safe package. This enable us to provide our customers a tasty chicken essence capable to be kept for two years under the room temperature. Golden Chef has been always endeavouring for our customer to get better healthy, more energetic, and cost effective.


★ ★ ★ ★ Our Consumer ★ ★ ★ ★

Students/Office workers: To enhance physical strength and get better spirit.

Children/Seniors: To nourish the body, stimulate the appetite and maintain the health.

Women of pregnancy or post-delivery: For prenatal or postnatal nourishing.

General patients: For faster recovery from the sickness.

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